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SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

Question asked by yansin lee on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by jeremyzhou

SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形)



SCT0  ouput PWM 200K AB , user set 100 pulse (200K AB),auto halt SCT0.( not use interupt close SCT0, because MCU High loading,Interupt will delay and not imediately halt SCT0. lead to ouput 101 pulse).

what sct have other way to do this applicaion? not use interupt.

MY mcu LPC1519