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RTC SDK example

Question asked by Anoop R Nair on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2019 by Anoop R Nair

Hi, Iam using s32k146 microcontroller. I was testing the RTC example in SDK 0.8.6. In that example there is ISR for secondsISR, alarmISR and switch SW3 configured as interrupt. In secondsISR and alarmISR, green and red LEDs are toggled respectively. For testing, I commented the secondsISR  content. I observed the RED LED(alarm) toggle using oscilloscope. Actually the RED LED(alarm) must toggle for 5sec delay whenever the switch SW3 is pressed.But instead iam getting a delay of 7.20s. Iam pressing the switch immediately after the RED LED pin is toggled.I got the same observation for SDK 3.0.0. Iam sharing the configuration details as screenshot. I would like to know if compensation needs to be enabled. If so what is the appropriate value for it. It would be helpful if I receive a help in this regard.Thanks in advance.