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Does Ucode8 support self-serialization?

Question asked by David Endahl on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Jonathan Iglesias

Hello - We have a customer which has been using Ucode7 RFID tags for some time in a self-serialization workflow. However, when they tried to use Ucode8 tags in the same capacity, the EPCs always seems to encode as a "0" (see attached). Can anyone here confirm or deny if self-serialization (may "auto-serialization" is the correct term) is supported with the Ucode8 tags? I see that the memory mapping is a bit different on the chips but it looks like there should still be enough room for our 96-bit EPC.


The customer is using Impinj ItemEncode, but when I asked Impinj, they were under the impression that the tags themselves performed the serialization, not the encoders. 


Thanks in advance all for your help!