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MK66 not getting programmed

Question asked by Priyanka Das on Nov 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by Jing Pan


I have a mk66 connected to FRDM board in bootloader mode. I have pushed the open SDA file throhgh the bootloader. On restart MK66 is not installing the open SDA file and responding as storage device. 



Steps followed in bootloader moder using FRDM kit 


1. disconnected the J8 and J12

2. Connected the target mk66 with Jtag cable between the FRDM and MK66(on in house design board)

3. Powered up the FRDM Board with RESET button in press mode. 

4. Powered up the in house design board. 

5. Bootloader identified at the PC. 

6. Copied and paste the Open SDA file in the bootloader. 

7. Power Off both FRDM and Inhouse design board 

8. Power On both the boards 

9. FRDM still shows connected as BOOTLOADER 

10 OPEN SDA file not seen in the device. ( this is the issue)