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S12ZVL32 LIN stack tool is conflict with PE tool

Question asked by dashuang shengds on Nov 30, 2019

Hi All,

1,Devolopment tool:

IDE:Codewarrior CW11;

LIN stack version: FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9



2,Problem 1:

    I using ProcessorExpert to generate the lower level driver. After I import LIN stack and LIN configuration, the compiler report error like this:1) ISR redifined error.

    I check the cause: In file "lin_isr.h" have code:     #define ISR(ivn, x) interrupt ivn void x(void);  meanwhile, In file "PE_types.h" which is generated by PE also have code like this: #define ISR(x) __interrupt void x(void). The two defined have same function name but have different parameter number.

   The LIN stack and PE code all are auto generated, how can I fixed the problem without modify the autogenerated code.


3, Problem 2:

   In file "lin_lld_timesrv.c“, report TIM register like "TSCR1" not define error.  

   I check the code and  find the this file miss micro "_MC9S12ZVL32_H". I think this micro should be auto defined by the LIN configuration tool. In this tool, I select the MCU type but I can't find this micro define.