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S12ZVL32 LIN stack tool is conflict with PE tool

Question asked by dashuang shengds on Nov 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by dashuang shengds

Hi All,

1,Devolopment tool:

IDE:Codewarrior CW11;

LIN stack version: FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9



2,Problem 1:

    I using ProcessorExpert to generate the lower level driver. After I import LIN stack and LIN configuration, the compiler report error like this:1) ISR redifined error.

    I check the cause: In file "lin_isr.h" have code:     #define ISR(ivn, x) interrupt ivn void x(void);  meanwhile, In file "PE_types.h" which is generated by PE also have code like this: #define ISR(x) __interrupt void x(void). The two defined have same function name but have different parameter number.

   The LIN stack and PE code all are auto generated, how can I fixed the problem without modify the autogenerated code.


3, Problem 2:

   In file "lin_lld_timesrv.c“, report TIM register like "TSCR1" not define error.  

   I check the code and  find the this file miss micro "_MC9S12ZVL32_H". I think this micro should be auto defined by the LIN configuration tool. In this tool, I select the MCU type but I can't find this micro define.