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In application programming aborted due to an out of bounds address.

Question asked by Andrew Marder on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by Andrew Marder

I have a MIM XRT 1010 eval board and I managed to get it stuck in bootloader mode

When I  plug it in the "Maintenance" drive appears but the COM port does not enumerate.

 I followed instructions in the HELP_FAQ.HTM tried to flash the board with 3 firmware images suggested in the document. (current and 2 older ones). All fail with the error "In application programming aborted due to an out of bounds address"

The images I tried: 

0241_kl26z_microbit_0x8000.hex ,0250_kl26z_microbit_0x8000.hex and 0253_kl26z_microbit_0x8000.hex. 

All failed with the error above.

Where can I get the firmware image for this board? Here are the contents of DETAILS.TXT file on the MAINTENANCE drive

# DAPLink Firmware - see
Unique ID: 00000000161321cf00000000000000000000000097969905
HIC ID: 97969905
Auto Reset: 0
Automation allowed: 1
Overflow detection: 0
Daplink Mode: Bootloader
Bootloader Version: 0244
Git SHA: 8ede6eacbce0a3012a899ba13fafe7d400094883
Local Mods: 0
USB Interfaces: MSD
Bootloader CRC: 0xe493996b
Interface CRC: 0x619d86db
Remount count: 3


Thank you