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Custom IMX8MM Board's DDR3L DS Config

Question asked by chaabani houssem on Nov 29, 2019
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Hello all,


We made a custom board based on iMX8MM chip, with DDR3L RAM.

We are using Yocto project to build an compatible image for the DDR3L : imx8mmddr3lval

Yocto provides a ready imx-boot to flash the eMMC with as well as the built image.

But Yocto by default generate the bootloader with the default evalboard ddr3_timing.c file.

We know that we have to use the DDR Stress Test Tool provided by NXP in order to generate a new custom ddr3_timing.c file for the bootloader.

_______________[ Here's some screenshots problems we've faced ]_______________

1. Training ERROR while flashing with default bootloader

We tried to modify the DS file as possible as we can understand and we pass the Calibration but not the Stress test.

2. The new ERROR with the new ddr3_timing.c file


So, for that purpose, we need to generate a new DS file for that tool as guided here : iMX8-MSCALE

But we do not know how exactly that could be done with its many DDR technical details which we do not have a knowledge on.

So we attached with post two documents as follow:

  • Data sheet of our DDR
  • The DDR Stress Tool excel file

So basically our need is to fill in correctly the fields of the DDR tool excel file in order to:

  • Generate a correct DS file for our board
  • Pass the Calibration and Stress tests correctly
  • Generate a valid ddr3_timing.c file
  • Rebuild u-boot to be able to flash the eMMC