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IMX6ULL/VIOLA boot over UART in recovery mode

Question asked by Kavya BC on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hallo Team,

I am trying to boot my board via UART. I use the u-boot from the pre-built images. I am using the following application :

The device is brought into the recovery mode(by shorting the pins). The following command is run : "./imx_uart -n /dev/ttyUSB0 mx6ull_usb_work.conf u-boot.imx". Ideally the board(in recovery mode) should respond and then boot.

The UART A of the viola board is used , with the RTS /CTS pins shorted.

The output is the following :


trailing slash == 0x5579de0d2161:/imx_uart checking with conf_path /usr/etc/imx-loader.d/ checking with base_path ./ config file <.//mx6ull_usb_work.conf> parse .//mx6ull_usb_work.conf starting associating phase.......... magic missmatch, response was 0x00000000


From the above i can infer that the board is not responding.

When not in recovery mode , if i run the command there is no mismatch and the board seems to respond.(But the u-boot does not load and by my understanding it should not).


1. Does the IMX6ULL support UART-boot in recovery mode ?

2. Is there any other connections or settings which must be performed for the UART-Boot to function ?


When the board is in recovery mode and the command "./imx_usb u-boot-nand.imx" is run , the board boots and hence the USB option works.

Thank You