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eTPU2 and GTM 3 for Electric motor control (inverter)

Question asked by Ivo Nenand on Nov 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by David Tosenovjan

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask about the eTPU2+ and the GTM 3 peripherals, particularly, which one is more suitable for a motor inverter (for PMSM). The last microcontroller NXP released particularly for this task is MPC5775E, which uses the eTPU2+ to generate PWM, process resolver data and the FOC. However, the competition does not seem to faivor the eTPU. ST actually calls it "legacy" and uses GTM instead in their newer processors. Infineon and their TriCore also use the GTM. But, NXP kind of seems to be supporting both of these two peripherals, as the MPC5777M for example, also has the GTM.


Both of the eTPU and GTM can probably be configured to do the same task, quite possibly with very similar performance. So I would like to ask, if anyone has any experiences with these two, which one is more suitable for a motor inverter? I have been with two companies now that have developed inverters, but we never used any advanced peripheral like these two.


Thank you for any experiences you may share,