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Unable to   download programming to MPC5775E

Question asked by 丁 士高 on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by 丁 士高

I use S32 Design Studio to develop on Panther MPC5775E. But I got some troubles to flash executable.


When I start debug mode in NXP S32 Design Studio with USB Multilink Universal, I got message popped up, "Reset scriptfile may have caused loss of communications. Disable reset scriptfile? Yes or No", then "The target may have entered reset escalation. Please power cycle the board.", then on console an error shown up, "error in ONCE status register occurred during instruction executes."


I don't what's going on. I think I have updated the driver and firmware.Do you have any idea for the errors?

For specific problems, please see the attachment.