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Get MAC address MC13213-SRB kit

Discussion created by Jerome Godbout on Mar 17, 2009
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Hi, Sorry if this seem dumb but I can't figure out where I should do the necessary modification for this.

I'm currently trying to use 3x MC13213-SRB Kit to make a small accelerometer demo with over the air communication using Zigbee and a Digi Xbee Coordinator.  I have start a HCS08 Beestack 2.0.0 Generic Endpoint project in Beekit and modified it.  I'm able to make the communication using short address and sending over the accelerometer and temperature just fine and receive message just fine on multiple cluster.  Now I would like to use the long address of each device to have different traitment base on the device.  I can have the extended address when commincating between 2 Xbee device but cannot get the beestack to send over the extended address.   I have found this so far:

-the Beekit mac address isn't use into the code and it's a boggus setting

-the MAC address seem to be in NV_Data.c into the PLM code, but just setting it doesn't change the extended address send over the air.

-Even if I use the MacPhyInit_WriteExtAddress, it still send over 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF as extended address


2 questions:

How do you send over the mac address to the coordinator with this Zigbee implementation?

How do you fetch the real hardware mac address and not a hard coded one?  Don't want to modify a firmware every time I have a new device.  Isn't that suppose to be hard writen into the device since the device came with a sticker with a MAC Address on it.


How can we get the device to send it's extended address to other Zigbee device?