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s32k CAN-FD Tx Error

Question asked by Soonhwan Jung on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Petr Stancik

Hi NXP team,


I tested CAN-FD with S32K146 EVM board and CANAnalyzer get data correctly.

But, crc error has occurred. 


It is my FLEX CAN0 setting for CAN-FD as below,

I tested it with 500 KHZ/1MHz.


CAN0->CBT = 0x802FB9EF; /* Configure nominal phase: 500 KHz bit time, 40 MHz Sclock */
CAN0->FDCBT = 0x00730083; // 1MHz BTL:10, TSEG1: 5(4), TSEG2: 4(3), Prescaler: 8, sync jump width: 4(3)
CAN0->FDCTRL = 0x80031400;


CANAnalyzer setting as follows,

Sample point: 60, BTL Cycle: 10, TSEG1: 5, TSEG2: 4, Prescaler: 8


Tx has error issue. While, Rx seems to work well(CANAnalyzer sends a data, EVM seems to receive it correctly).

Please let me know whether the setting is correct.

Thanks in advance.