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How to put a whole .o File into ITCM(no IDE)

Question asked by David Huwiler on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by David Huwiler

I need to place two .o Files into ICTM (flash_QuadSpi.o and fsl_flexspi.o) . The rest of the application runs from QSPI Flash. 


I succseeded in placeing the files into ITCM with the following linker script lines at the start of the "Sections" section:


But this results in runtime errors (because other stuff is now at the wrong place i guess?). But if i put the "itcm_ram_obj" section at another place in the linker script, the files are not placed into ram (checked with the map-file)


Has anyone an idea how to do this correct?


I dont want to touche the code in those files (one is a library file), therefore I dont want to use the __attribute__((section(".ramfunc.$SRAM_ITC"))) to place single functions into ITCM...