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Incorrect behavior for FIRC Fast IRC Regulator settings in Processor Expert ?

Question asked by Ciprian Salageanu on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Robin_Shen



When "Fast IRC Regulator" check box is checked (in below figure the checkbox is not checked) bit "FIRCREGOFF" from register "FIRCCSR" in System Clock Generator (SCG) module is SET (=1). That means the regulator is OFF.

This seems to be in the opposition with the description of the tool-tip (below image).


To have the FIRCREGOFF bit to 0 (FIRC Regulator enabled) I have to un-check the box (like is below).



I use  S32 Design Studio for ARM, Version 2018.R1, Build id: 180815


I hope this helps.


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