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Linker Command File for MCF52277 - M52277EVB

Discussion created by Chris Childs on Mar 17, 2009
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I am using the M52277EVB with CodeWarrior for ColdFire V7.0.  I have successfully created projects that run from the external SDRAM and external Flash, but not both together.


I need to create a .lcf that puts code into external Flash, and use SDRAM for Ram.  When creating a project through the CodeWarrior New Project Wizard, the only targets I get are EXTERNAL_FLASH, EXTERNAL_RAM and CONSOLE_EXTERNAL_RAM.  I need a target like "EXTERNAL_FLASH_AND_RAM".


I have tried to use a .lcf from a third-party project but I cannot easily use this as the initialisation code is very different.  For reference (and if it helps anyone else) the sample project is available here:


I have eliminated any problems with the compiler environment, hardware and CF Flasher, as I can successfully build and flash the Segger example project.


I have attached the .lcf files that I would like to combine.  Has anyone done this already?


Any help would be greatly appreciated :smileyhappy: