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How to send multiple CAN messages after stop and restart the CAN analyzer  in the model attached

Question asked by hm Chen on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Constantin Razvan Chivu


Hi , RHinnen

   Could  you spare some precious time to help me solve the following problems: How to  modify the model attached to send multiple CAN messages and keep sending CAN messages without reset the the mcu after the CAN analyzer is stopped and started again? The example -CAN1(Flexcan Traffic )offered  in the MPC574xP Example Projects-Communictions does not exsit the problem.

   Up to now ,even though i added another CAN message (different ID) in the model ,the CAN analyzer only sent one ID CAN message.  The CAN analyzer  will stop sending CAN messages after stopped and started .

     Look forward to your solution ,thank you very much!