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S32K146 Uart send By eDMA failed

Question asked by Mr Song on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2019 by wjandsq wjandsq

Hi . 

i transfered data from memory to peripheral UART by eDMA  failed and used uart interrupt successed ,here's what i tired and i want to know the reason why used DMA failed


step 1.successed (used uart interrupt sent)

     config the transfer type interrupt

here's the test code 

this function was succesed and serial port can print correct data :


step 2 . failed (used uart DMA sent)

      config the transfer type DMA of UART 

and DMA config :

here's the test code :


Type_uByte ubSrcData[100] = {0} ;
Type_uByte ubDesData[100] = {0} ;
void wvdTuner_Init(void)
      wvdDrv_UART_Init(UART_INSTANCE_1);//UART_INSTANCE_1 = 1

      EDMA_DRV_Init(&dmaController1_State, &dmaController1_InitConfig0, edmaChnStateArray, edmaChnConfigArray,       EDMA_CONFIGURED_CHANNELS_COUNT);
void wvdUartSendByDMA(void)

      LPUART_DRV_SendData(UART_INSTANCE_1, ubSrcData,100);

this function was failes and serial port can not print data.

this is the SDK code:


best wishes .