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Anyway to change the asm(HALT) statement in CPU_Interrupt?

Discussion created by Mark Hahn on Mar 17, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by druffer druffer

Using Processor Expert under latest CW version. Processor is MCF52110.


I wind up with a generic interrupt that handles all undefined interrupts:


__declspec(interrupt) void Cpu_Interrupt(void)


I can change the function, but everytime I "Bring Up To Date" the interrupt gets changed back to the above code.


The above code is helpful during debug, but not optimal for a device installed in the field, since the device just hangs up (even the watchdog seems to be unable to restart it).


And yes I know I can use an interrupt bean, point all unused interrupts to a single ISR, and write my own ISR function. But adding 100 some beans seems needlessly painful.


Am I missing a radio-button or checkbox somewhere in CW?