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MC33771 use TPL mode,not response data

Question asked by d zp on Nov 26, 2019

Hi Sir,

  • i am writing code communicate with MC33771 through MC33664 ,using TPL Communication( sample code ),but i am not use SDK

      SPI0 as master (tx) - NXP S32K144

      SPI2 as slave(rx)- NXP S32K144 -Microcontroller

      i send write data via spi0 (TX),i am getting echo data  only in spi2( rx) 

      NO RESPONSE FROM MC3371,it happen assign cid.

  • S32K144 SPI slave mode, the read byte will be delayed by one byte, such as sending: 0, 1, 1, 1, 122
    Receive: 0x37,0,1,1,1. Send 0,1,1,1,122 for the second time, receive 122,0,1,1,1 for the second time,why?