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Codewarrior for Coldfire and Vista

Discussion created by Marc Vandenhende on Mar 17, 2009
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I recently upgraded (?) the operating system of my PC from Win XP Pro to Vista. I didn't perform a clean install but actually did an upgrade of the existing OS.


I went through a lot of problems to get everything to work again and most of my programs now work like before.


Not so for Codewarrior though. I am running Codewarrior lite for Coldfire 7.1.1a to write software for my 52233DEMO board (among others). Codewarrior itself works perfectly fine, but I can no longer access the demo board with the USB connection.


I can still access the demo board using CF Flasher though, after I upgraded the unit_cfz.dll file to the latest version (found out about that on the P&E web site). There's a copy of that DLL hidden somewhere in the Codewarrior program folders, so I updated that too.


I have tried reinstalling everything Codewarrior related and have made sure I was running all the latest software I could find on the web, including CFFlasher, P&E drivers,  Codewarrior + patch and the unit_cfz.dll file, but no luck.


I have made a printout of the protocol log when I try to connect to the DEMO board using CF Lite:



P&E: open_port
P&E:    PortType = 3
P&E:    PortNum = 1
P&E:    result = True
P&E:   open_port
P&E: check_io_delay_cnt_value
P&E:    ioDelayCount = 0
P&E:   check_io_delay_cnt_value
P&E: reset_hardware_interface
P&E:   reset_hardware_interface
P&E: check_critical_error
P&E:    criticalError = 0x00
P&E:   check_critical_error
P&E: version
P&E:    version = ColdFire Interface Libraries Version (
P&E:   version
P&E: force_background_mode
P&E:    force_background_mode = True
P&E:   force_background_mode
P&E: force_background_mode
P&E:    force_background_mode = True
P&E:   force_background_mode


After that, the flash programmer of Codewarrior gives the message

Error: Initialization Failed.


I hope there is a way to fix this. Having to program the board with CF Flasher is not a problem but I am no longer able to debug the program on target this way.