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Discussion created by Deepak Omanna on Mar 17, 2009
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Dear All,

I am using 9S08SG4 device.After creating Image file with "P & E cyclone Pro" I am getting "fatal error" while programming the device.But when I programmed the same device by selecting "P & E Cyclone Pro as a Debugger" in the CW this will programme the device without any error.During this time it will take the algorithm file from the path,

c:\Program Files\Freescale\codeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.2\prog\P&E\9S08SG4.S8P

& while creating image it will directly open's the algorithum folder as, C:\pemicro\cyclone_pro\Algorithms\HC08\9S08SG4.S8P

In this I found three types of algorithum file as,




Please tell me which one I have to selcet & What is the purpose of these three.

Also while programming the device using "P & E Cyclone Pro as a Debugger" it will take default algorithm "9S08SG4.S8P".

If I want to make default algorithm as "9S08SG4_PRESERVE.S8P" or "9S08SG4_20MHZ.S8P" what settings I have to modify ??