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could not use qDMA feature on LS1043A board

Question asked by Ken Liu on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Benedikt Schroefel

When I try to register and start qDMA function on LS1043A

It blocked in the first step.


following the manual reference, we should Disable the command queue.

but if set the register DMR[DQD]=1, BaCQbMR[EN]=0,  the two register could not be write succesful

(the memory map is OK)


I try write manage and block register, most of them also could not be wrote successful.


then I use TRACE32 debugged on u-boot mode, and try to modified the memory value directly


but it still doesn't work.


so it there any pre-condition for the qDMA functional on LS1043A? 

how can we use it normally


P.S:  I check the CSU\ device configuration, it is OK.  and I have switch the secure state to EL3, but it does not work.