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Why does my 5566 bootloader fail if power cycled?

Question asked by Ryan K on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2019 by Ryan K

I have an application running on a 5566 processor that will reset the processor into the flexcan bootload mode if it receives a specific CAN message. The application clears the RCHW and performs a soft reset.

At this point, I can use the BAM process to send a bootloader over CAN, then the 5566 will then start running that program which periodically sends out CAN messages.

If I power off the 5566 while loading the bootloader image, then power back on, the 5566 is still using BAM and accepting images. I can go through the entire protocol of loading the same bootloader over CAN, but at the end, I never see any CAN messages from my bootloader. 


Why would the BAM process work when an application put it into BAM using a soft reset, but it does not work when I perform a hard power cycle?