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QSPI Flash clock speed on MIMXRT1020-EVK doesn't match with config

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by fangfang

Hi All


I just checked the speed of the QSPI Flash clock when booting from it.
Initially it was 31.25MHz and then switched up to 166MHz.


I presume the ROM bootloader programs a fairly slow speed to read the configuration and then, once it has read in the configuration data from the boot configuration, switches to the advertised frequency.


In the configuration of the program loaded I found
.serialClkFreq = kFlexSpiSerialClk_100MHz,
and changed it to
.serialClkFreq = kFlexSpiSerialClk_30MHz,
and loaded again.


However the QSPI flash clock speed stays at 166MHz.


I checked that the correct value is programmed at location 0x60000046. From user's manual:

1 or 6 both gave 166MHz, as reported above.


Does this mean that this entry is ignored by the ROM boot loader and it always sets the highest speed? I see that it has the FLEX_SPI_CLK_ROOT sourced from SEMC_CLK_ROOT with no further dividers. SEMC_CLK_ROOT is connected to PERIPH_CLK with its pre-scale divider still at 3. Presumably the ROM loader also also switching PERIPH_CLK to 500MHz when it runs(?)