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Interrupt stacking order for MC9S12XD64?

Discussion created by Kurt Liebezite on Mar 16, 2009
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Hi, I'm using the MC9S12XD64, and I'm finding a descrepancy in the documentation.  The MC9S12XDP512 reference manual supposedly applies to this chip; on page 608 section it refers to the interrupt priority level being part of the CCR and being stacked as part of the interrupt context save.  However, the CCR normally occupies a full byte already for the SXHINZVC bits, so this implies that a 16 bit CCR is being stacked.


This same chip references the  S12CPUV2.pdf as the CPU reference manual.  On page 321 it lists the stacking order for the CPU12; the CCR is shown as a byte only, stacked at SP+0.


My guess is that the interrupt priority level is stacked at SP+0, and the other registers each get bumped up by a byte, such that 


SP+8 => return address

SP+6 => Y register

SP+4 => X register

SP+2 => B:A

SP+1 => CCR

SP+0 => IPL


Does this seem like the right interpretation?