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Bluetooth audio local-echo

Question asked by sergio d'orazio on Nov 22, 2019
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I am working with imx6ull-evk with a bluetooth board . I use bluez and HSP profile . When I connect a smartphone(TEL0) over bluetooth, tha board imx6 is the audio interface of the smarphone. When I do a call from an other telephone (TEL1), I can speak on imx6ull-evk microphone and listen on TEL1 , and I can speak on TEL1 and listen on imx6ull-evk headset. Seems all work but in this configuration I have a little think that not work well: when I speak from TEL1 , I listen on TEL1 the local-echo of my voice. This local-echo have a latency of about 1 second at init call but increase over time. 

Have you an idea about this problem ?