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CAN communication

Question asked by 王 全贵 on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by lama


      I'm using AN4975 software to excise CAN communication on MTRCKTSPNZVM128 board.

      the main function is as follows:


void main(void) {
 int id;
 unsigned char data[8];
 //send a test message
 id = 0x5A;
 data[0] = 0xBB;
 data[1] = 0xDD;
 CAN_send(id, &data[0], 2);
 for(;;) {



I have connected the  J3  jumper ,debug the example code and run it,but  I can't see anything on my oscilloscope.

please give me some advice ~~