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MCAL Compiler Problem

Question asked by Mehmet Karadeniz on Nov 21, 2019
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'Getting Started with AUTOSAR MCAL (Steve Mihalik)' document decribed that, MPC574XG-P-B-C-P (doensn't matter) MCAL can be compile with GnuWin32. Similary I saw that in config.mak file, MCAL can be compile with CodeWarrior.



But in ../MCAL_Sample_Application/make/ there is build_cfg.mak file only for GHS and DIAB.
I want to compile MPC567xF MCAL with GNUWin32 or CodeWarrior (which are free).


How can I find build_cfg.mak file for GNUWin32 or CodeWarrior? Can you offer me any other methods for this situtaion?


Best regards.