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code generation error when using the lin_stack component with CPU_S32K142_48 in S32K1xx SDK RTM3.0.0

Question asked by E.w. Hu Employee on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by Victor Jimenez



we met an issue of code generation when using the lin_stack component with CPU_S32K142_48 in S32K1xx SDK RTM3.0.0, it promts the following error, while there is no LinStackCfg.npf  in the project:

Description Resource Path Location Type
Generator: ERROR: Error: LinStackCfg.npf line: 5 "bus_clock"- Syntax Error... S32K142_LQFP48_LIN_Stack_Test_SDK_RTM3P0 lin_cfg Processor Expert Problem

PS: we tried the lin_stack component with Cpu_S32K142_100 package, it can generate the configuration codes normally. I attached the test project for your reference.


Can you help to verify and fix the bug?




Best regard,

Enwei Hu(胡恩伟)