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KL26Z 5V Tolerant Inputs

Question asked by Tarik Aweimrin on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by Jing Pan

“The Kinetis Port pins are only 5V tolerant as inputs. The outputs are not 5V tolerant, and that includes pins configured as open-drain outputs. In output mode, if the pin is pulled above VDD, it will cause the output buffer to drive the output at VDD, which will pull-down the pin voltage to near VDD.”


I ran across this comment in a previous thread.


I want to configure a GPIO on the KL26Z we are using as a Hi-Z input (no internal pull up or down) that is externally pulled up to 5V through >20Kohm resistors and then to simulate button presses by turning that GPIO to a low output then back to a Hi-Z input. From the previous comment it seems that this is reasonable if the pins are 5V tolerant as inputs. I wanted to confirm this, or find where I am mistaken.


Also, I have scoured KL26 datasheets for the technical data that would support this if confirmed and can’t find any references. Is this documented somewhere?