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Problems with NVM in MC1322x after reset.

Question asked by Cristina Cruces on Mar 16, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by Krzysztof Malmur

I am working with a OnOffSwitch application (with Non Volatile Memory and with router role)that I get direcltly from the Beekit using Beestack Codebase 3.0.1. I load it in a MC1322x Sensor Node. I have not made any modications in the code get from the beekit, however it doesn´t work properly after I make a reset.

When I switch on the MC1322x Sensor Node for the first time after loading the code, it associates correctly with the coordinator, however after making a reset, the device has the led 1 blinking, and although I press the button 1 it remains blinking, it doesn´t make anything and it is imposible to rejoin with the coordinator. What is happening?
With a SARD board and codebase 2.0.0, it works properly, why not with MC1322x Sensor Node and codebase 3.0.1