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OM13094 SWD to program the LPC54605J512

Question asked by terence K on Nov 19, 2019
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We are using the OM13094 to program our target board and recently damage couple chips already.  And always on the RST pin.

On the damaged target boards, the MCU RST pin always held low and the RST resistance to ground less than 10 ohms...So we have confirmed the RST pin is damaged after programming by the OM13094 eva board.


On the OM3094 board, the following jumpers has been set :

- JP2 2-3 connected

- JP1 shorted

- Use P1, SWD to program our target board


Our board is running at 1.8V

- Use SWD to program the LPC54605



1) Does the OM13094 eva board support 1.8V off board programming?

2) How to avoid the RST pin damage?