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ReadObject within User Session and VerifySessionUserID

Question asked by Priyanka Priyadarshini on Nov 20, 2019
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I am using NXP SE050 smartcard with kinetics K64 evaluation board. 

I have tested various commands from NXP APDUSpecifications document. But I am having problem with policies and sessions.

I have created a new User session, and created a binary file in this session with read policies, but when I try to read that file, it is giving the error "command not allowed".

Is there any thing extra that needs to be added in the ReadObject command while trying to read the binary file with read policy?


Further, I am not able to verify the session with verifySessionUserID command after creating a new User Session, it gives the error "Conditions not satisfied".

I don't know is there something that I am missing in writing these command APDUs Or there are some additional APDUs that I need to send before sending above mentioned commands or APDUs?


Thank you


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