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Question asked by Jithin Ismail on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by Nam Nguyen Viet

Integrated Vector Ethernet stack for Autosar.

Micro: S32K148

Transceiver: Marvell 88Q1010

Interface between PHY and MAC is MII.

During packet transmission no Rx interrupt on ENET, but Tx interrupt is there.

Checked the MII Rx and RX_DV lines.Seems signals present in these lines when data are transmitting from PHY to MAC.But no interrupt on MAC.Also all statistics register values are zeros for Rx.
Also when trying to send packet from MAC to PHY via Eth_Transmit(), data is transmitting via Tx lines and it is receiving on PHY and received on test PC via Media converter board. ie Tx lines are working.
But for Rx MAC not receiving any frames from PHY.