Stefan Jardot

TagXplorer does not work with NTAG I2C Plus

Discussion created by Stefan Jardot on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by fangfang

I tried to use the TagXplorer (v1.2) Application on Windows 7 with a NXP Pegoda CLRD710 Reader and a NTAG I2C Plus (NT3H2111W0FTTJ). Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the software, the NTAG I2C Plus tag is recognized as NTAG 203X. Due to the wrong recognition no connection to the tag is possible with this software.

Is this a known bug, I haven't found a discussion here about it? If yes, will it be fixed?


Error: Tag is not of type NTAG I2C Plus


The same NTAG I2C Plus chip is recognized correctly with the RFIDDiscover Software and also with the Android App TagInfo.