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DMA Usage with CTU and S-RAM (MBD MPC574x)

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Nov 19, 2019

Dear All


I am trying to use DMA to access the result of an ADC conversion.

I use PWM with 20KHz switching and enable the ADC sampling every 2 PWM cycles and strore the ADc results in CTU FIFO. 



I am using DMA Transfer to get the results and pass into SRAM (reg value : 0x40000000 - 0x4005FFFF)


When DMA transfer is complete, I want to read the value from the register.



I can not use read register to read SRAM register values. How can I do this?


I have attached the model. 


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Marius-lucian Andrei

Rafael Castro Barbosa

Sudip Chattopadhyay

Constantin Razvan Chivu