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Frames not Transmitted and Received via CAN - KEAZ128A 

Question asked by Anand Raman on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by Alexis Andalon


I am working with CW along with PE for KEAZ128A as target micro controller, which has MSCAN Module. I want to send a frame, receive a frame and send a RESPONSE Frame for UDS protocol (refer image1) Via CAN bus irrespective of CAN IDs(Assuming single client-single server configuration). It is configured in loopback mode for testing purpose. But, my controller transmits the frame perfectly and is not receiving and sending back Response as intended.Also, It is not sending frames in EXTENDED ID(29 Bit). My baud rate is 500 and MSCAN is configured via CAN1 LDD component (refer image 2).UDS Frames

                                                      Image 1 -- Frames to be sent and Received

                                                                     Image 2 --- CAN1 LDD Component settings


My queries are:

1. How to configure CAN1OnFreeTxBuffer and CAN1OnFullRxBuffer events from CAN1 LDD Component in order to make frames send and receive for this Client-Server model?

2. How to make Extended CAN ID frames to transmit and receive? (I have Tried as given in Typical usages example by OR masking LDD_CAN_MESSAGE_ID_EXT)

3. Is there any Interrupt service workaround like Event driven approach to be implemented for this particular criteria?


Thanks and Regards,

S. Anandharaman