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OM-SE050ARD - NFC application

Question asked by Ngoc Khang Nguyen on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Kan_Li

Hello guys,


I currently work with the NXP-SE050 Arduino Development kit (OM-SE050ARD) for NFC application and Security.


I have a few questions, if possible, could you support me?


As I read on the datasheet, SE050 Arduino Development kit (OM-SE050ARD) has Internal Antenna itself, and the SE050 (security element on board OM-SE050ARD) also has the integration with NFC Technology as well as fully compliant with interface ISO/IEC14443A standard. It seems like the Arduino kit has physical layer to create application with NFC, such as. make it as a NFC Reader or Tag.


But I cannot find any documents or demo examples that support to work with NFC on this board.



- Is that possible to make OM-SE050ARD as a NFC Reader or NFC Tag? (I think it could be)

- If yes, will NXP provides any starter codes or software or libraries for OM-SE050ARD to interact with the antenna for NFC application?

- Is that possible to control the signal power passing through the internal antenna or external antenna attached to OM-SE050ARD for NFC application?


Thank you in advance.