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custom bootloader for MXRT1052

Question asked by james kim on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Mark Butcher

I am trying to better understand what approach I can take for application software update on MXRT1052 running with QSPI Flash. Typical scenario would be for 2ndary bootloader to receive bytes of new application, buffer them, and write them to a specific application location on the flash.

Is this an approach that NXP recommends?

Is there an example application and/or documents describing how this kind of application software update can be performed?

So in summary, both the 2ndary bootloader and application software would reside on the flash. Internal bootloader(RomBoot) would load the 2ndary bootloader and the 2ndary bootloader would load the main application if it finds a valid app.

If it does not find a valid app, it would remain and provide a mechanism to receive valid application (via network or serial or USB etc) and program it on the flash.


My initial response from NXP Technical Support was as follow:


RT1052 can't march your application. I recommend you take a look at the RT1064 product  which has the ROM CODE API for your application. Unfortunately, there is not the detail document for it. You may refer to the reference manual as the link.


Hope it help you. Have a nice day.


I am trying to find out what this means about RT1052.

I would appreciate anyone with comments on this topic.