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Question asked by Anders Fagerström on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Anders Fagerström


I have an old Windows 7 computer where I (in virtual XP mode) can run an inDart-One programmer from CW 5.9.0 for debugging. I can also run the Datablaze Programmer software in virtual XP mode for larger volume flashing.


All that works fíne. Now, I have bought a new Windows 10 computer where I have installed an evaluation version of Code Warrior 5.9.0. That seems to be doing it's job.


Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any inDart-One drivers for Windows 10 anywhere.

I have found drivers for inDart-one, but during installation they don't recognize the CW 5 installed, but requires me to point to a CW 4 installation which I don't have. I've searched the web and forums for an answer but haven't found any.


Are these drivers available at all? Or am I in fact forced to get some more up-to-date programmer?

If, so which one?


Any help appreciated,