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Error in RT 1020 Ethernet Example

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

Hi All


I was taking a look at the evkmimxrt1020_enet_txrx_transfer reference to check out the clocking configuration and noticed that it doesn't generate the 2.5MHz MDC clock speed that is stated in the code:

/*! @brief MDC frequency. */
#define ENET_MDC_FREQUENCY 2500000U

but instead generates about 1.7MHz


    /* Set SMI to get PHY link status. */
    sysClock = CORE_CLK_FREQ;
    status = PHY_Init(EXAMPLE_ENET, EXAMPLE_PHY, sysClock);



The error is at the line above in red.
The core clock is not the correct clock. It should be IPG clock instead.


The reference works by chance because the value calculated overflows from the calculated 100 (which is not possible) to 72. IPG is core/4 in the reference (150MHz) and so the 1.7MHz MDC happens to be generated.


That is, it physically works but uses incorrect clock assignment.