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Authentication error in NXP Library

Question asked by Raj Shinde on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by jimmychan

I am developing an android app to authenticate mifare UltraLightC chip ,but the problem i am facing while authenticating  chip is , it always  throws an exception, every time even if it is authenticated or not (i.e .authenticate() method  of NXPlibrary), and how can we confirm that our key is being successfully authenticated as per an example in  datasheet provided by mifare, they are just using an log below the .authenticate() method so, is this a proper way to authenticate an key ?  while debugging i found that this method always throws an exception message(i.e NxpNFCLibException)  rather than ideally an authenticating method should give an response for example authenticated true or false, it do not return anything, so how can we confirm whether our key is properly authenticated  i am attaching my debugging logs with it ? Please provide me a solution or an example  on how to authenticate key and how to check whether it is authenticating properly or not ? 

Version of NXP Library  i am using