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Re: MPC8640D Failed to reset the target (core did not halt)

Question asked by Badrinath T on Nov 14, 2019
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Subject: MPC8640D Failed to reset the target (core did not halt)




Hi  all, we are working on a project CPCI Based SBC Board using MPC8640D processor. We are trying to get simple JTAG connection to the processor mpc8640d. We are using code warrior USB tab s/n 0839 0023.  In code warrior, when I try to reset the MPC8640D core (via reset target on launch), it gives the following message:“CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to reset the target (MPC8640d Core: Core did not halt).”


we are monitoring the jtag signals also , HREST and SRESET signals are not default these signals are in high state(+3.3v). Can you give me some guidance in interpreting this error ?   Thanks and Regards, Jyothi