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MCU Bootloader for Frdm MKV31F

Question asked by sidhant singhal on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by sidhant singhal


I am trying to run an application(led_demo_a000) on on mkv31f board, but first I was wanting to run the bootloader. The steps I followed were similar to mentioned in MCU bootloader demo application. 


1) Firstly I cannot write to address 00

2) It seems like I have been able to transfer the application files, but the application doesnt run.

3) In the document it mentions that with ( blhost.exe -p COM1 -- execute 0x1fffea11 0 0x20001718), RAM reserved area should get bigger, but doesn't happen in my case.


Note: I do see the application runs individually but not with the bootloader. I also tried to install flash loader in RAM, and then tried to install the application at 0xA000, it got transferred but didn't run. 


Please advice.