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Trouble with ISELED digLED_Ping() command

Question asked by Johnathan Weiser on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Dragos Rachitan

I am trying to use the ping command with a strip of ISELED LEDs in order to have a dynamic strip length demonstrator.


I am trying to access the value for the number of LEDs currently connected in the strip by using the following commands based on the iseled_freemaster example program:


digLED_Ping(&digLEDResultStrip1, strip);



uint16_t pingVal = digLEDResultBufferStrip1[0]; 

//Buffer[0] is the first response that reaches the MCU. For ping, only one response is transmitted.


pingVal &=0xFFF000; 

// the result buffer contains 24 bit. 12 bit for address (MSB) and 12 bit data (LSB).


When I check the value of pingVal while using the debugger however, I only ever see the value '0' regardless of how many LEDs are connected.


Has anyone else had success using this command, and how did you get it to work?