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S9KEAZ64AMLK the AcceptanceMask and IDFilter do not work

Question asked by Vladimir Medvedev on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Vladimir Medvedev

KDS 3.2.0 project built by ProcessorExpert. When initializing CANBus I install a mask and a filter:


void InitCAN()


     MyCANPtr = CAN1_Init(NULL);


     Error = CAN1_SetAcceptanceMaskTable(MyCANPtr, 0U, 0xFFFF0000 );

     Error = CAN1_SetRxIDFilterTable(MyCANPtr, 0U, 0xFFFFF102);  // not work with ID: 0x18DAF102

     Error = CAN1_SetRxIDFilterTable(MyCANPtr, 0U, 0xFFFFE204);  // that's how it works, but why?



Does not work. I found a solution, but it only works on the last two bytes. In the debate registers, I see the correct values I set.


This seems to be a microcontroller problem. But I haven't found any errata on this topic anywhere.
Perhaps the specialists from Freescale can clarify something?