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RT1060 SAI1 Transmitter Data Lines

Question asked by Tim Freedman on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Tim Freedman

We have built a board using the RT1061 and are having a problem with SAI1. Based on the MCUXpresso Config Tool we used these pins on SAI1:



Too late we have discovered that, according to the reference manual (IMXRT1060RM), the RT1060 SAI only supports "1 data line" for the transmitter TX_DATA[0:0]. The Transmit Channel Enable (TCE) field in the SAI Transmit Configuration 3 Register (TCR3) only has one bit, also implying that only one data line is supported.


So my question is: what is driving SAI1 pins TX_DATA[3:1]? Is there any way to get the SAI1 transmitter's single output to TX_DATA2?


We were "upgrading" from a ("pin compatible") RT1050 which definitely has 4 transmit data lines TX_DATA[3:0] on its SAI1.