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S12ZVML128 Sensorless stall error issue

Question asked by david meng on Nov 13, 2019

Dear friends:

I use the s12zvml128 mcu to drive oil pump BLDC motor.I reference the demo MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Sensorless code.

I have an issue about the demo. when I drive the motor, if the load exceed about 0.3N. The controller will trigger the stall

error protection. and the state machine will back to the init. the motor speed will back to the init speed. if I cancel the stall error protection the motor speed will out of control. which make me confused is it happens after speed is stabilized. rather than in start or during loading. ( I am sure the motor is not stalled )

Besides, if the load is light. the controller will not easy trigger this protect. could you tell me why?