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Cannot access memory after clock config

Question asked by Antonello Stella on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by Omar Anguiano

I have configured the card MCB1700 (LPC1768) with the following parameters of clock:
1) RTC oscillator
2) MSEL: 0x2254 (8788)
3) NSEL:0x0001 (1)
4) the PLL1 disabled
the objective is to operate the clock cpu to 12Mhz via an external quartz of 32KHz.
Unfortunately after this configuration are no longer able to reprogram the micro.
Cannot access memory (@ 0x00000000, Write, Acc Size: 4 bytes)
This is the message that appears every time I try to riprogrammaare micro.

Can you suggest a way to unlock the micro and it can be reprogrammed.