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SCT appliction for outout Specified freq and Specified pulse number

Question asked by yansin lee on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by jeremyzhou
I wirte an API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_NUM 0~ 10000 . for example ,PLS(200K,100) : SCT will send 200K Hz 100 pluse.
when SCT complete a plule , SCT interunt will happen and count pluse number , than halt SCT.
sometime  inrerupt(set Priority highest)  is too late, SCT already send one pluse or more , than interupt happen.
for expample , PLS(200K, 100pluls) , when error sct will send 101 pule .
please give me have other Halt sct method for Faster ? 
我寫了一個 API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_num 0~ 10000. 例如,example PLS(200K,100) : SCT 輸出200K HZ 100 pluse 數。
當SCT 完成一個脈波輸出,SCT觸發中斷,計算脈波數,當最後一個脈波到達時,停止SCT。
有時中斷太晚進,導致SCT 多送出脈波後,中斷才發生關SCT。
例如 PLS(200K, 100pluls) ,錯誤情況時,SCT 會送出101脈波數。